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Tips on Riding a Mechanical Bull

A few simple tips will help you stay on a Mechanical Bull longer. However, while these can help, there is nothing better than practice. Get up and ride as often as you can.
  1. Hold On With Your Dominant Hand. You can grab hold either with your palm facing up, or 'Brazilian style' with an over grip with the palm facing down. THEN HOLD ON TIGHT!
  2. Squeeze The Bull With Your Thighs. You need to use both your hand and your thighs to hold on to the bull. Your legs muscles will anchor you to the bull when riding.
  3. Keep Your Upper Body Relaxed. Many people get rolled off when the bull bows down in front and the rear tips up. The best strategy at this time is to to counter the momentum of the bull by pointing your heels together and leaning back when the bull dives forward. Then try to rhythmically shift your weight the opposite way when the bull tips up in the front. Most importantly, keep your upper body loose and relaxed -- otherwise, the momentum will throw you off the mechanical bull.
  4. Use Your Free Hand For Balance. Counter-balance your momentum by swinging your free hand, because it can be a big help keeping you on the mechanical bull. Plus it looks pretty cool when you're on the bull. Some people even use a hat in the free hand, which can even help a little more!
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